Therapy with NEMOS®

What is NEMOS and how does NEMOS work?
The transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulator NEMOS consists of a stimulation unit and a dedicated ear electrode. The stimulation unit, having approximately the size of a common mobile phone, sends out the electrical impulses. It is connected with the ear electrode, which patients wear like an earphone. The impulses are transferred via the ear electrode through the skin to a branch of the vagus nerve.

How is NEMOS used?
The treatment with NEMOS is carried out autonomously by the patients. The recommended daily stimulation dose is 4 hours and should be reached daily.

Users regulate and adapt the intensity of the stimulation according to their individual sensitivity, which can vary from day to day or even over the period of the therapy. To ensure optimal stimulation, they should choose the intensity so they feel a prickling or tingling sensation. The stimulation should be noticeable but not painful or uncomfortable.

Using NEMOS does not involve surgery, or hospitalization. Basically, patients can carry on with their usual everyday activities during the stimulation session, so NEMOS is easy to integrate into the daily routine.

How effective is NEMOS?
Most treatment options for epilepsies, like pharmaceuticals, deep brain stimulation and invasive vagus nerve stimulation, are no acute treatments. This also applies for NEMOS.  
Even if you respond to therapy with NEMOS, the effect generally occurs with a latency of some weeks to a few months

Like in all other therapies there can never be a guarantee of success for a treatment using NEMOS. It is possible that some patients will not respond sufficiently to the therapy. Such patients can return the device after 6 months, for a partial refund of the purchase price.

What side effects are there?
t-VNS is a therapeutic alternative with minor side effects. An analysis of data from over 300 patients and volunteers, who participated in studies of t-VNS, showed potential side effects that include itching, discomfort in the area of the outer ear and local pain at the stimulation side. These side effects usually disappear soon after stopping the stimulation.*

* Vigilance data cerbomed GmbH

NEMOS® - for treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy

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Please note: NEMOS® is not cleared or approved for use in the U.S.